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Gilman Park Assisted Living

Gilman Park Assisted Living


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Gilman Park Assisted Living is an Assisted Living community that provides exceptional person-centered holistic care to residents. Located in the heart of Clackamas County, our community is nestled within a quiet, safe neighborhood. Whether your loved one is moving in from Oregon City, West Linn, Gladstone, or anywhere else, they’ll feel right at home at Gilman Park. We understand requiring Activity of Daily Living (ADL) assistance is trying on a family and their loved one, but it is a natural part of life. It’s our never-ending goal to ensure your loved one remains as comfortable, happy, and engaged as possible. One of the things you’re sure to love is our caring staff’s accessibility, professionalism, and attitude. We pride ourselves in establishing a family-like dynamic with every single resident so everyone is comfortable being open and honest with one another. Residents always feel their voice is being heard within our community, making it a trustworthy environment. But most importantly, our compassionate staff remains onsite 24/7 to ensure residential safety and health. Our caregivers will arrange any trips to the doctor’s office, coordinate health care plans with partner providers, and provide medication management when necessary. We believe your loved one’s experience in an assisted living community should be enjoyable and purposeful. You’ll learn all about what our community offers and how your loved one fits into during a free tour and consultation. Schedule your visit with a Gilman Park representative today to see the community’s magic yourself!