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imperfecta - Oregon City Art Gallery


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About Us

imperfecta is a woman-owned art & design gallery focused primarily on elevating women artists and minority creatives.

Our driving belief is that nothing is perfect and that imperfections are what makes humans human. Imperfecta collects, shares and offers art that reflects this belief as well as design artefacts and wondrous heirlooms that bring beauty wherever they go.

As an art gallery, we love showcasing diverse fine art types - from visual art to sculptures, collages, assemblages, interactive installations, conceptual art and art dolls. As a design space, our inventory includes jewelry, vessels, unique decorations, dinnerware and, occasionally, antique fabrics, furniture, and heirlooms. We also have a large collection of vintage art, design and photography books, which are available for purchase as well as reading in the comfort of our gallery.

With a rich calendar of events, imperfecta collaborates with numerous local businesses and organizations to play an active role in ensuring that Oregon City's diverse communities can thrive through artistic endeavors.

At imperfecta, we match art lovers and art collectors with unique, one of a kind, original artworks. Our motto -- ''Art & beauty that anyone can buy'' -- demonstrates our commitment to ensuring that art and design can be embraced by anyone, regardless of their wallet size.