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Oregon City Acupuncture

Oregon City Acupuncture


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At Oregon City Acupuncture Carol provides support and protection for your journey to optimum health through acupuncture, herbal medicine, NAET, Aroma Acupoint Therapy and more. Oriental medicine is about balance in your life. What goes on inside you will be projected around you and what happens around you will impact you inside. We travel through our lives pretty much on autopilot. We need to change that and you can only change you. So that is where one should start.
It's not just about the needles. Carol can guide you through developing awareness using herbs, lifestyle counseling, Chinese nutrition. She is also certified in Aroma Acupoint therapy. This does not require needles to be effective. NAET allergy treatments are also very effective and again does not require needles.
What really needs to happen is the work you are willing to do to open and let the qi and blood move, becoming aware of what is 'stuck' and how you can move it. Carol is an assistant on that path.
This medicine can integrate with any treatment plan you already are involved with. Herbs and pharmaceuticals may work together rather well but it is best to work with a trained practitioner for that - Carol is certified in Chinese herbs and also has years of experience as a registered nurse.
Call or email the office today to arrange for your free 30min consultation. Let's see how this medicine can work for you,


Oregon City Acupuncture
Carol Griesmeyer LAc, RN