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Grand Marshal Services, Inc


Family, Community & Civic Organizations

About Us

A non- profit volunteer civilian auxiliary group, community service provider, helping people whenever possible. Helping Senior Citizens, Veterans and the Disabled. Assisting the everyday person who needs help with simple tasks because they are no longer able to do it themselves or just need the extra help.
Grand Marshal Services, Inc. helps out at company functions and private parties. Parking cars on horseback or on foot, Event set up to Event clean up. Interacting with the public, assisting with directions when needed and making sure all patrons and their belongings are safe. Giving a helping hand for what ever is needed to be done to make sure your event is successful.
Founded by Kevin Rumgay, Grand Marshal Services, Inc. is a private non-profit service provider. Our patrons are never charged for our services. It is through businesses, foundations and individuals that we can meet the needs of others.
Our Services
Free at no charge Event Assistance: Private and Public Events, Event security, Parking on horseback or on foot, Set up/clean up, Meet & Greet, County fairs, Rodeos and Parades. Other Ways Grand Marshal Services, Inc. Helps
Food donation to a local church food pantry.
Christmas Tree donations in December of each year.
Helping individuals with general maintenance around their property, Repair or build fences, Yard work, Building/home repair or new construction.
Security at public and private events.


St Paul Parking Detail
2015 GMSI Cruise in carring the flag duing the National Anthem
2018 GMSI Christmas donation event. Oregon City DHS
St Pual Rodeo, St Paul Oregon, Parking Detail